One of a kind woodworking that provides a unique perspective on what is possible!!!


    A personalized portrait depicting that special moment in your life that you will never forget.  These projects are  high-relief carvings of your captured memories that provide the viewer with a life-like feel through the use of 3-Dimensional form.


    These projects are designed to tell a story and are meant to be complimentary to a rooms décor. From abstract Native American petroglyphs and pictographs to life-like representations, a variety of styles and diversity of images allow for a number of possibilities.
On average, these projects measure under 1 foot in length. 


    These projects are meant to be more of a center piece and typically draw the attention of a room. Also meant to tell a story, these projects allow for more visual representation and diversity. These projects can range in size and measure anywhere from 15 inches in length  extending up to 6 feet in length.

    From a simple design  and layout to more complex and intricate designs, whatever the need for your house or business it can be met with a personalized sign that incorporates plenty of artistic flair.



    Choose from any number of options regarding size, shape and table top iconography / imagery. The possibilities are virtually endless and are only limited by your imagination.


    These projects vary in size and shape which allows for a wide variety of outcomes and possibilities. In addition, you can choose to incorporate 3 different styles into the project:
             1)      Burnt / Carved
             2)     Plain
             3)     Inlace


    These projects vary in size and can either be single or double sided depending on the level of difficulty you are looking to achieve. Every puzzle comes with its own felt lined box to help protect the pieces. These projects can depict a variety of images and can be personalized to your specifications.

~Available for Commission & Consignment Work~

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