Artist Biography


             The inspiration for much of my early artwork comes from Petroglyphs and Pictographs found throughout the world.  Specific areas of interest included North America, South America, Africa, and Europe.  What initially drew my attention to this type of iconography was the time I spent employed as a Interpretive Park Ranger at Mesa Verde National Park located in Southwestern Colorado.  Through this experience I was given an opportunity to further my knowledge while gaining additional exposure to many of the ancient rock art sites of the area.

            I received my formal education from Western State Colorado University, located in Gunnison, CO.  Upon completion of my undergraduate education, I obtained Bachelor of Arts Degrees in:  1) Sociology with emphasis in Criminal Justice,  2) Art with emphasis in 3-Dimensional Design, and  3) Anthropology.  Studying such a wide array of subjects enabled me to look at art in a completely new light, which allowed for me to expand into other areas of interest.

            Recently I have used photography to inspire some of my artwork.  By taking an image and transferring it into high relief wood carving, it has allowed for me to further grow as an artist and expand into other areas of life while providing a personalized touch.  This new form of expression has provided me with new challenges and opportunities for growth.  The diverse nature of my artwork can be attributed to my past achievements, which I believe will lead to continued success in the future. 

          To date, I have displayed my work in a number of different venues including:

            ·         2014 - A Touch of Colorado

            ·         2009 - Denver Potters Association Spring Show

            ·         2006 - Far View Lodge Metate Room Showcase

            ·         2005 - Cortez Community Art Show

            ·         2004 - Quigley Art Gallery

            ·         2004 - Johnson Building Gallery Show

            ·         2004 - Hospice Hearts Charity Auction

            ·         2003 - Gunnison Brewery Showcase

            ·         2003 - Hospice Hearts Charity Auction

            ·         2002 - Gunnison Arts Center Community Art Show

            ·         2002 - Hospice Hearts Charity Auction


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